On being a tourist

I spent the day in Bathurst on Monday, a country town about three hours west of Sydney. It was very quiet and very hot but luckily it had the most beautiful begonia house that provided excellent shelter from the heat. I never knew begonias could look like this.

It also had a nice quirky feel to it, a perfect garden
A perfect verandah
It also had some wonderful colours and textures

Lanterns of the terracotta warriors

I went into the City today to catch up with the lovely Leanne and we went to see the 'Lanterns of the terracotta warriors'. These wonderful warriors were created for the Beijing olympics by the artist Xia Nan and now they are in Sydney and they are truly magnificent. The warriors are larger than life and are made of fabric and wire and tomorrow night they will be lit up for Chinese new year celebrations. If you live in Sydney I urge you to visit them, they really are wonderful and they look perfect against the Opera house.

In the woodshed

At my parent's house they have a very old 16th century barn and on one side is a woodshed which used to be where the farmers used to stable the horses but now it is a storeroom for wood and coal for the house along with various other bits and pieces collected over the years. When I was staying at Christmas I had to go and get some coal for the fire and was transfixed by the cobwebs that had collected untouched over the windows and covered an old bird house, barbed wire, glass jars and an old plug.

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