I occasionally get an organic seasonal fruit and veg box and this week it contained quinces, a fruit I see so rarely but do love when served as a paste with cheese. Quinces take hours to soften and I used an old recipe from Stephanie Alexander using honey, butter, and a tiny bit of water and four hours later in the oven on a low heat my quinces had changed colour completely and filled the kitchen with the most wonderful aroma. I served them with greek yoghurt and they were delicious!

on blogging

I keep reading posts about how blogging is dead and no one reads blogs anymore and I come to my little space here and instantly I am stuck, what shall I write about? what pictures should I use? Having read a huge long blog post yesterday on how we are supposed to engage our audience, etc etc, I now have writers block. I have always preferred pictures to words so I will stick to that and hopefully a few people will pass by and have a look, what do you think? do you think blogs are dying? is anyone out there?? This is a picture of a delicious soup I made using broccoli and cannelloni beans.


Gosh how time has flown! I can't believe it's nearly Easter. We have been away to Tasmania and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone as it is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, clean places to visit and there is so much to do...
Lots and lots of walking
Lots of cabins off the beaten track
lots of fish and animals
 Amazing water view
Too many pictures to fit into this post so more later!

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