catching up

I have been sorting through all the pictures I took over Christmas in England. I have made a book through artifact uprising which is expensive with postage to Australia but so worth it. I have got them all printed too so I can stick them on my notice board above my computer and remember lovely times. I am so enjoying actually getting my pictures off my computer, do you do that or do they sit gathering dust on your hard drive?  These are some I have sorted into diptych using pic monkey - it's so easy to do. These were taken in the countryside and show the frost on the succulents my mother grows and on the cavolo nero in her vegetable garden.
The lovely Alice helping model for me

Be still

I have just started an online course with Kim Klassen called 'be still'.
I love being still and quiet and hate noise but sadly my head likes to continue with all the thoughts and you like being still? Stillness is very easy to convey in photography don't you think? not so hard to achieve in real life.

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