My week

Last week was all about love and laughter and quality time as my lovely daughter Alice came to stay and we spent the most wonderful time together.

This lovely bicycle was at Bondi beach, one of many beaches we spent the week at

Sydney is all about seafood and great restaurants

and of course the beautiful sunsets

Things that make you go mmmm....

I met up with the lovely Leanne yesterday and we went to a very trendy place called The Grounds which is in an industrial part of Sydney. We spent a very happy couple of hours eating a delicious breakfast and snapping away until we were told to stop taking photographs unless we paid $500!!  Everything was so well done and it really was a photographer's paradise, I took so many pictures.

I came home with a loaf of barley sourdough and the choice of breads was amazing, all gluten and wheat free and made from ingredients I had no idea you could make bread from.

The flower shop was amazing too, I bought a bunch of flowers and some flower scissors to add to my props cupboard.

The start of summer

I am in a blog fug at the moment, can't think what to write once a week so I made a little video of what is happening in my part of the world and it seems to involve a lot of water! can't remember how to fade the music to a video so there is a glitch in the middle with the sound so sorry about that.

the start of summer from Justine Gordon on Vimeo.

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