The weekend ahead

We are having a quiet weekend this weekend, no plans apart from going for a run, reading, doing a bit of cooking and gardening, what about you?

Cutty Beach

This beach is a secret beach, one only the locals know about and because I am a local I have discovered  it's the best place to be on a hot afternoon. It is nestled quietly in between Watsons Bay and Parsley Bay in the Easter Suburbs of Sydney.
 The tiny gate in the picture below is the way in only during low tide

A lot of lavender

I have been busy in my garden with the arrival of spring, the lavender has been growing so well. I think the secret really is to leave lavender alone to just get on with it, it seems to be working for me here in Sydney. I am thinking about making lavender oil once it has dried, does anyone know how to do this??

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