A weekend in the country

We just spent a most wonderful weekend in the countryside where my parents live, it was a weekend of food and flowers. My parents grow their own vegetables and have the most wonderful garden, it was a visual feast and here are just a few shots with many more to come!

Broad beans from the garden to the plate and sweet peas and cosmos

A week in London

London is hot, hot, hot! in the middle of a heatwave and it's bursting with colour and vibrancy. We are spending two weeks with the children and I seem to have spent my days washing and ironing and generally being mum again which I secretly do love!

Twenty four hours in Singapore

We decided to stop overnight in Singapore and break the journey to London this week. I had the most wonderful time exploring the gardens by the bay - wow, these amazing 'super trees' dominate the landscape and provide solar power, collect rainwater and do various other things. They are suspended by a walkway where you get an amazing bird's eye view. I decided I would try and conquer my fear of heights in the name of photography and I did try and walk along but didn't get very far and went back to safer lower ground.

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