Fleeting visits

My son Harry was here last week for a fleeting visit. It was so lovely to fuss and mother him again, I didn't mind that he left food everywhere and didn't make his bed or hang up his wet towels, I loved every moment of it and my heart is aching now that he has gone back to start a new term at university. 

More lemons

I have been busy trying out various recipes for lemon curd with the abundance of lemons I now have in my garden. I have made two different batches, both full of sugar but you only need a little amount spread on toast and everything in moderation I say. I got these teeny tiny little jars in the local shop and they look so cute. Does anyone have any recipes for lemon marmalade or lemon pickle?

A peaceful time

Things are pretty quiet back in Sydney, it doesn't take long to get back into the routine. It was my birthday while I was in London and my daughter Alice gave me this beautiful teapot from Liberty  (such a beautiful store, well worth a visit if you are in London) and every day I am reminded of her as I sit reading the paper with a pot of earl grey.

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