Rex has been enjoying taunting the last of the roses in my garden
Each winter I get out my tapestry and try and finish it, this winter I will!
 I did a fermenting workshop and learnt to make kombucha, water and milk kefir and I highly recommend it to everyone
The massive storms devastated this beautiful part of Sydney where I live and this is one of the casualties
Icebergs pool also took a battering in the storm
I took part in the Canon tour of Vivid Sydney which is a fantastic light show that takes place over a month here in Sydney and the lights were spectacular

Five days in Hong Kong part one

I went to Hong Kong last week for five days. We lived in Hong Kong for three years and left eleven years ago and apart from the odd one night stopover, I hadn't spent any time there since so last week I decided to play tourist and visit old haunts.  I took so many photographs, this is part one. I seemed to take a lot of pictures of dried fish as the choices are everywhere. More next week.
 A trip on the star ferry is a must for any trip to Hong Kong
More fish

Ten on ten

Yesterday was the 10th of the month so I took ten photos throughout the day. I had a fairly quiet day yesterday but managed to spend most of it along the coastline.

I started the day with poached eggs on toast then headed off to Bondi to do some yoga but first I took a quick detour via Bondi beach which was looking very pretty but the water is a bit cold at the moment.
I then caught up with a friend in one of my favourite bookshops in Sydney and then I pottered in my garden, did a bit of stuff at my desk and later in the afternoon I went for a walk to the local beach and watched the sun set and walked past the local pub getting ready for the evening trade.
The resident cormorant and pelican put on a nice show for me on the water as the sun began to set.

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