I love Sydney

Our beautiful city has emerged bruised and shaken after the events of Monday and Tuesday. So much heartache and pain left behind for the victims and their families. The resilience of Australians is showing through and everyone is coming together which is a wonderful thing to watch. Sydney will recover and continue to be the most wonderful city in the world to live in.

Hello Monday

Monday again! the weeks are flying past aren't they? My frangipani tree is in flower and it's very hot here with huge storms every afternoon. How is the weather where you are?

Hello Yellow

Oh my goodness, can you believe it's December tomorrow? I am trying to do some Christmas shopping and get myself ready for the English weather again as we head off there for three weeks. It's so sunny and hot here and hard to think of snow and dark afternoons and continuing the theme of sun and warmth today is all about colour! don't you love this wonderful tea cosy? I do wish I could knit.

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