January was....

 A month of no meat. I highly recommend it to anyone to try, we still ate fish, lots of fish, and enjoyed some amazing vegetarian dishes. I really enjoyed cooking different things and experimenting and we both felt so much better for it. My new favourite salad is watermelon, feta, olives and red onion salad.

a month of summer fruit is hard to beat, especially delicious cherries now in season.
 a month of fitness, lots of walks including the beautiful Spit Bridge to Manly walk that takes about two and a half hours and gives you the most fantastic views.

a month of catchups with friends
a month of flowers, I so love flowers in the house and have been getting them once a week now
How was your January?

Ten on Ten

I have been meaning to do this project for ages, ten pictures on the tenth of the month,  and luckily Leanne reminded me so today I took pictures at various times and really enjoyed documenting my day.  I think this will be a good project to participate in over the next year, I am joining in here if you are interested in doing it too.

My day started with a long walk and a welcome surprise with a water dragon on the way.

Today was the perfect day for the beach

Home to do a spot of ironing
 Do a bit of faffing and time wasting on the computer
 Cat napping

A bit of gardening
Finally a delicious Goan prawn curry cooked by my husband Michael, a perfect end to a lovely day

Counting the days

Isn't it all happening so quickly? Christmas is next week and there is still so much to do! Have you got everything organised? bought all your presents? I am so excited about spending time with my children and family, I can't wait! How about you? what are your plans?

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