A peaceful time

Things are pretty quiet back in Sydney, it doesn't take long to get back into the routine. It was my birthday while I was in London and my daughter Alice gave me this beautiful teapot from Liberty  (such a beautiful store, well worth a visit if you are in London) and every day I am reminded of her as I sit reading the paper with a pot of earl grey.


Looking through my photographs from my recent trip to London I realised I have a lot of photos of windows. It is very easy in London to catch a glimpse of life through the window, a peek into another world when the lights are on and you look down into a basement. In summer the windows are full of colour and London never looks as grey anymore. How about you? do you like photographing windows? Have a look over at two takes as well as we are looking at windows there too.

To market, to market

I do love Bondi markets on a Saturday morning, so much colour and food and wonderful aromas. I walk around thinking how I should eat more seeds, vegetables, drink chai, do you drink chai? I had chai porridge the other day which was so good.
 lots of delicious food to taste
 There is a chai tent too

 They even have a dog park
 Freshly squeezed lemonade

 Fresh noodles
The flowers I bought

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