Shrouded in fog

 The blue mountains can be absolutely freezing one day and boiling hot the next. Yesterday was thirty degrees Celsius which means snakes are out as well and safer to stay at home than walk the dog. Today the mountain temperature dropped to 18 degrees and a fog descended over the whole area. I find fog so beautiful and I went out with my camera at 8am to take some pictures. 

Focus on film

So my foray back into film was an interesting exercise. I used portra 160 film in my old olympus camera and took photos on a gloomy day at Bondi beach. I decided to put the results into diptychs with my digital photographs, what do you think? I love the dreamy quality of film but did wonder if I could be bothered to do it all over again as at the moment I am just taking the same pictures in the same places. What it has done is made me think that I really do need to get out and about a bit more and focus on more photography walkabouts in new places. I think film is better for when you are travelling, the film camera is light and easy to use and gives a fresh take. All the film pictures are on the right hand side.


summer heat

 It really is summer here in Sydney, it's holiday time and the beaches are packed, everyone is happy and I have never seen so many cabanas on the beach. I love this time of year, schools are still out and there just seems a nice mellow feel to life and we are embracing it all instead of thinking about what is next, no plans, just a good book, some suncream and a hat. What is the weather like where you are?

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