Rain rain go away

 Oh my goodness will it ever stop raining here in Sydney? La Nina is hanging around and it's so wet but its all good for the garden. I am having fun trying to be creative with all the flowers that are out in my garden at the moment. 

Flowers from my garden

 Spring is here but La Nina has piggy backed on it again so in between the downpours and threats of floods, I am in my garden picking all that has come out. I get so excited when I see all my tulips as I don't dig them up each year like a lot of people do and I planted so many different colours. I just spend hours looking at the jug on the kitchen table as if feels almost like a painting with such a riot of colours. 

I also love these little daisies don't you? the brighten up a dull day.

City views

 I spent a lovely day in the city today with my friend Leanne. We went to a mindful art presentation at the MCA in town and then walked around the city, it was a really wonderful, inspiring and relaxing way to spend the day. 

We shared delicious dips
city views
The Opera House view through an art installation
Reflections on the Opera House
Under the Harbour Bridge
Walkers off the bridge 

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