119 days of a 365

 Are you doing a 365 project? how is it going? are you enjoying it? I am on day 119 and it still makes me happy to know that I have taken a picture a day, a record that sits on Flickr and no one notices but I know that I can look back on ten years worth of 365 projects and be glad I did them. 

Motivation is hard isn't it though? I love the idea of a project but always end up getting stuck. I am currently doing an online course with the photographer Cristina de Middle on Magnum and she talks you through her projects. She talks about how to get inspiration and uses magazine cut outs and bizarre articles to fuel her imagination for her photography that recreates photographs from fake news etc. She says we need to separate the audience of social media from the audience of our photography and of course with algorithms it's sometimes hard to remember why we like to take pictures. 

Here are some photographs from my week, let me know if you are currently doing any sort of photography project or a 365.

A very blustery day at Bondi beach

Our local lighthouse
Afternoon shadows

A new week

 How has your week been? We are still spending a lot of time in sunshine which I love and we always have the most beautiful sunsets, long may it last. 

I am currently obsessed with the evening light, the golden hour and I have been taking my camera out most afternoons to try and capture it. 

Monday Monday

 Did you watch the Coronation? Didn't Kate look so beautiful? and little Charlotte? Monday has come around with a blast of freezing cold air and huge seas and it feels so wintery and I want to just hibernate with a good book until the temperature rises above twenty degrees again.

I have just finished John Banville - the lock up - it's an ok read, I didn't realise he wrote quite a few crime books as well. I am now going to read an old Barbara Kingsolver - the poison wood bible - as I loved her latest, Demon Copperhead, so much.

We are watching Drops of God on Apple TV and it's really good! centres around wine and is in French, Japanese and English. We are also watching succession and Shiv is still wearing very odd outfits, I know she is pregnant in real life but her clothes just don't suit her and I always finish the episodes feeling really flat and hoping I never meet any of the characters in real life. Luckily Ted Lasso is always happy and fun to watch and leaves me with a lovely happy feeling. 

I am enjoying these instagram accounts -

Lauren Mcdermott she always seems to have gorgeous videos and everyone looks very clean and neat in her reels.

susannahtaylor I signed up for her wellness newsletter and enjoyed all the things she writes about -' skin, soul and sanity for the modern midlifer '

tattierosestudio who creates amazing things with flowers and one day, just maybe, I will be able to grow wildflowers like she does...

I am enjoying buying flowers once a week and this week I bought some peonies, I couldn't resist but I do worry they aren't going to open and have been hot housed but I am hoping I'm wrong. I love peonies but have always been put off by the fact that they don't bloom for the first three years or so but of course if I had planted them three years ago I would be enjoying them now! Here are a couple of photos I took of my bunch today. 

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