The August break - day 1

Today is the 1st of August and for the next 30 days I will be participating in the August break. This cosmos and bug friend were very obliging this morning. I love photographing early morning when the bugs are still a bit sleepy and happily let me take their photographs.

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  1. black & white, macro shots, flowers and insects...your photos are so lovely.

    thanks for the visit to my blog--and the comment.
    thanks for the praise. I am really new to this too. Not a really exotic life in Japan. It's more a normal job plus laundry and washing the dishes kind of life--just in another country. (In fact, I see bits of your landscape and envy it.) I think I found your blog from the muses on flickr page or from someone who listed your blog as one they liked to go to for good photography. Japan is fun. Hope you have a chance to visit again. Best of luck with your writing/photographing adventures. : )


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