Early morning run

I went for a run early this morning with the dogs to Whistable near where I live in Kent. I usually run through the woods and the change of scenery and route was totally invigorating. Running is such a mental thing don't you think? Sometimes I can run for forty minutes, sometimes I drag my feet after fifteen. Does anyone else feel like this? where is your perfect run and how long do you run for?


  1. Hi Justine, I found your blog via August Break - your photography is beautiful!~I love running too altho haven't done much for a while..will get going again in the spring (I live in NZ)..my perfect run is along the coast with the view of the sea, for about an hour - the BEST way to start the day :-)

  2. Hi Justine,
    I love this photo, so clean and clear. I ran cross-country in another life - until I injured my knee and was forbidden to run again! - and have a soft spot for waterside paths...along the Pacific Ocean or even sloow Thames jogs.

  3. Hi Justine, thanks for popping over to my blog..I'm loving the august break - really makes me look at the world in a different way :-) I'd love to do one of Susannah's courses - will aim to do one in 2011! Good luck, I'd love to hear about it.


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