I have a rather messy garden, I see it as an extension of my house and mind, and at the moment it is suffering from that end of summer look but come September when everyone is back at school I will blitz the house, start a new course for my mind, and tidy up the garden for winter. I'm sure I should be spraying and trying to get rid of these rust spots and the little black things that collect all over the stems but I see beauty in imperfection so for now everything can just wait.


  1. This is such a pretty shot.
    Around here, I get kind of lax with my gardens when fall starts rolling around. I find it hard to work on them once all the color is gone :-(

  2. I am so NOT a gardener....I hear ya. This is beatiful, its imperfections make it more like all of us I think. Lovely capture.

  3. I love in imperfection of this flower and the way you found the true beauty in it

  4. Such a pretty shot. It's almost like it is saying good-by to summer.. I do love to work in my yard, but this time of year the heat of the summer has done a job on my plant...
    Hope you are having a happy Sunday..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Thank goodness for the beauty in imperfection!


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