The golden hour

My favourite times of the day are first thing in the morning just after dawn when everyone in the house is asleep, it's when I take the dogs for a run through the orchards and hop farms around us. The other time I love is the golden hour just before sunset, if both these times are bathed in sunshine I just feel that everything is right with the world. What is your favourite time of day?


  1. This is so nice Justine.
    Looks like everything is sparkling!
    My favorite times? The same, as well as the blue hour (after sunset).
    Why? Those times produce some of the best photographs for me!

  2. Very beautiful, Justine. I am a morning person, too. I used to go for my run in the morning, unfortunately I can no longer run but I do like morning photographs now.

  3. This is a beautiful photo! I'm definitely a morning person - I love the peace and quiet as the day begins, and watching the sunrise is something so magical.

  4. This is so beautiful, Justine - really golden!
    I have to admit that I'm more the evening person... as much as I'd like to get up early, see the mist over the meadow or the lake, I'll end up rather with a sunset...
    By the way, I decided to participate in Madeline Bea's 365, too! And I'm looking forward to doing Picture Fall together with you (I'm a bit insecure about translating prompts into pictures...!)

  5. I keep promising myself I'll get up first thing in the morning and try and capture some of that golden stuff - and while I'm up I never quite make it outside.

  6. Such a glorious shine Justine and peace. I'm not sure I have a favourite time of day at the moment - just moments of every day when things feel right - if you know what I mean. Cherry XXX

  7. This is beautiful Justine. I love the early morning light and the peacefulness it brings, but I'm usually on my way to work as the sun rises, so I rarely catch that light with my camera. I guess I'll have to stick to enjoying the hour before sunset for now.

  8. Sunrise is my fabourite time of day when I can get up to see it. I've become such a night owl!

    I am so glad you liked your parcel! I'm glad it arrived safely :)

    x Jasmine


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