Paris streets

I live in the countryside where everything is very quiet and slow during the day and at night the only sound you hear is the occasional hoot of an owl or the cry of a fox. I love going to cities and just watching and absorbing the atmosphere - people in a rush, people sitting in cafes, things happening everywhere and looking up is a feast for the eyes at all times.I think being in Paris is all about watching and listening, and one of the best places to watch was around the fountains in the Tuilleries at lunchtime. Every chair was taken and I just sat absorbing the atmosphere.

I was transfixed by these boys on roller blades playing tag.

They went round and around at speed and then chased each other but they were all in their own worlds listening to their headphones, it's again something you don't see here in the countryside.


  1. Ahh, I miss Paris. I should be returning again for Paris Disney. Much livelier reason, LOL, for my three-year old daughter :-) Sometime this fall. I always wanted to see Paris in the snow though! Maybe one day.

    Great pictures! Love the black and white.

  2. Definitely know what you mean about just absorbing the sights and sounds of a big city. One of the MANY reasons I love NYC so very much.
    I swear I could sit in one spot all day, and see something new, different, interesting, each minute.

  3. These are great B&W shots.. I live in Vegas and living out in the country listening to the owls sounds Heavenly to me... But going to Paris would be like a Dream...

  4. I can absolutely relate to this! I enjoy just sitting and watching in cities, as well. I like your photos very much and think that B&W looks really good here.
    Thanks for your lovely words at my blog!
    I thought about participating in Madeline Bea 365, but am not sure, as I already started in May.
    It's great that we are in Picture Fall together! I read about Picture Summer the last day it took place and was so disappointed - but then I read about Picture Fall! I'm so looking forward to it!

  5. Great shots, Justine. Way too busy for my personal tastes so I'll just stay home in the country and watch the grass MACRO of course!

  6. The hustle bustle of a city can be so much fun


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