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I saw this recipe for Massaman Thai Chicken Curry in The Times newspaper and just had to make it and photograph it and although I forgot the cashews it was delicious and really easy!
Serves 4
Prep: 30 min
Cook: 30 min
500g baby Jersey Royal or other small new potatoes
200g green beans
750-900g chicken thigh fillets
1 large garlic clove
15g fresh ginger
1 tbsp vegetable oil
4 shallots, approx
75g in total
35g sachet or
2 tbsp Massaman curry paste
165g tin coconut cream
1 tbsp Thai fish sauce
50g salted, roasted cashew nuts
2 limes
Few sprigs of coriander

Boil the potatoes in salted water until tender. Trim the green beans, snap in half and boil for 1 minute in salted water. Drain but reserve 8 tbsp cooking water. Slice down the fillets, cutting each one into large bite-size strips, approx 5cm x 2cm. Peel and chop the garlic and ginger and liquidise with 3 tbsp cooking water. Heat the oil in a spacious, heavy-bottomed, lidded pan and gently soften the shallots, allowing about 8 minutes until soft and golden. Push to the sides, increase the heat and quickly brown the chicken. Stir back the shallots and add the garlic, ginger and curry paste. Let it bubble up for a couple of minutes, then add 2 tbsp coconut cream and stir thoroughly for 2 more minutes. Add the rest of the coconut cream, the fish sauce and remaining bean water. Establish a steady simmer over a low heat, cover and cook for 10 minutes before adding the potatoes and beans. Stir well, cover again and cook for a further 10 minutes or until thick and creamy. Taste and adjust the seasoning with lime juice. Coarsely crush the cashews. Garnish the curry with cashews and coriander, and serve with rice and a lime wedge.


  1. Oh, that looks delicious. I'm going to have to make lunch plans for the Thai restaurant up the street ...

  2. My kind of cuisine. Thanks for sharing.
    I shall make this dish (promise), AND
    add the cashews.
    (I like these kinds of posts. Delicious food is always a hit with me -- recipe, and photo.)

  3. Justine, this looks really yummy. I'll have to give it a try.

  4. That does look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Justine.

  5. This looks so yummy Justine!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe here.

  6. Yummo !! Looks delicious, and sounds good. Can't beat a good curry and they are pretty easy, except if you go to the trouble of making your own curry paste, then it is a bit more involved, but even thats not hard if you use a food processor.........purists would say no, it can only be done in a pestle and mortar. Well if it has enough chilli in it I wouldn't know . Your photo is wonderful, and thanks for sharing the recipe. xx

  7. well, i don't eat chicken but that does look good :) i am a terrible food photographer--your shot is great!

  8. OMG...I have got to try this! This looks amazing!

  9. I am going to make this....YUM! Your photo of it makes my mouth water. : )

  10. Oh wow... I definitely need to make this!

  11. That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe :-)

  12. That looks so yummy! I just might have to give it a try!

  13. Looks good Martha : )
    I'm not a fan of curry, but I suppose I could call it Thai Chicken instead and just leave it out...of course there's all that converting of measurements too. Hmmmm.
    Hope it was as good tasting as it is good looking.

  14. Oh, this recipe looks and sounds delicious, Justine!

  15. That just looks delicious...mouthwatering click!

  16. This looks very yummy Justine! I love thai and I love chicken. I think I will try this recipe.
    xo Catherine

  17. Looks yummy Justine! Thanks for sharing!


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