Growing roses in Sydney

I am so excited as I have managed to grow roses in Sydney! we live near the sea and experience high humidity and everyone told me that roses wouldn't grow.  I took advice from a specialist rose growing nursery and sent them a sample of the soil and told them the garden is in shade for most of the day and they suggested the rose called 'fabulous' and fabulous it is although sadly it doesn't have any perfume but it looks good and I can have a little bit of England each time I look out of my kitchen window.


  1. This is truly "fabulous" Justine because I can try to find some and grow them too. You see I can't tolerate roses fragrances so "unscented" would be just great. They are very pretty too.

  2. Justine, they are beautiful roses! The blossoms are perfect and I love the color.

  3. Just beautiful! You also have quite a knack for flower arranging - these are so lovely in the vase


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