When I was in Western Australia last week I also visited the town of Kalgoorlie which is where gold was first discovered in 1893, it led to the gold rush and the rest is history. In Kalgoorlie there is one of the biggest gold mines - the super pit - which is a staggering 1.55km across and 3.7km long. I spent a couple of nights in the town itself, it is covered in a layer of red dust from the mines and the clock tower in the centre of town is actually made of pure gold!


  1. Fascinating! I've never seen an open-pit gold mine before. The ones I'm familiar with from the western USA are all tunnels.

  2. The scale of that mine is enormous! These Kalgoorlie shots are great.

  3. You photos remind me of a copper mine here in the state of Utah. It is one of the biggest in our country. It was amazing to see. Thanks for sharing..

    My Happy Place

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