Nearly the end of my 365

I have just 26 pictures to go for my 365 and I am finding the last month a bit hard as I come closer to the finish. If you haven't ever done a 365 I really recommend it as it makes you pick up your camera every day and notice the small details and if I didn't have the 365 I think my camera would sit on the shelf for quite a while. I thought I would post my last 26 pictures here each day to give me a sort of incentive. I need a new project though, is anyone interested in starting a new project? I post my pictures to flickr each day as a record and storage and I know a few people don't like it but any other suggestions or ideas for a 365 gratefully received. Here is my picture for today, I do love a neat and tidy china cupboard don't you? and especially one full of beautiful blue and white. Sadly this isn't my cupboard but it belongs to a friend of mine and I am very envious.


  1. Congrats on a photo a day! I don't know if I could manage this! As you say, it's good at making you get out there (or in there) to take them

  2. Wow, that's an accomplishment to complete a 365. I think I started one once but never got passed about a month. Maybe I should start again.

  3. Beautiful blue & white. Good plan to post here for the end of your 365 x


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