Well August is here already and I am back on another 365 project! I found it so strange not having my camera with me all the time so I am continuing with one photo a day. So far August looks like this -

We went to an amazing French restaurant for a truly fantastic dinner and as we left they presented us with a small brioche and a pot of jam, it was delicious.
These tiny little flowers are out in my garden right now, I have no idea what they are called.
Yesterday we went to Bondi and sat overlooking the icon icebergs pool for lunch. The sun was shining but it was absolutely freezing and one brave soul took to the water without a wetsuit.
How is your August? hope you are having fun.


  1. Good for you to be starting another 365, I am too :)

  2. It is amazing to me when I see your photos of people swimming when I know it's winter down there. And good on you for doing another 365!

  3. "Small brioche with a pot of jam" . . .
    I can't think of a lovelier gift!. Oh my.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your one-a-day photos!

  5. Love that you were gifted a brioche & jam.. I love that photo ( & I must get the name of that restaurant x

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