A wedding

A few weeks ago I did my first wedding as a photographer which was very exciting for me. I did it with another photographer and I now have so much admiration for wedding photographers who work alone as I found running around checking ISO, f stops, shutter speeds etc etc all truly exhausting and did wonder how on earth I could ever have done it all on my own. I used my 35mm lens for most of the shots and would love to hear what you use for your wedding photographs and do you use flash in daylight? I am not a fan of flash and love natural light, so many people seem to use flash. 


  1. Welcome to the fold.
    Few appreciate how difficult it is to cover a wedding.
    Your shots are wonderful.
    It's not the camera, or the equipment, I always say.
    In my promotion material, I say "it's not the pose, it's the moment."
    Catching the moment is key! And experience, of course.

  2. These are really beautiful Justine... Well done!


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