Rex has been enjoying taunting the last of the roses in my garden
Each winter I get out my tapestry and try and finish it, this winter I will!
 I did a fermenting workshop and learnt to make kombucha, water and milk kefir and I highly recommend it to everyone
The massive storms devastated this beautiful part of Sydney where I live and this is one of the casualties
Icebergs pool also took a battering in the storm
I took part in the Canon tour of Vivid Sydney which is a fantastic light show that takes place over a month here in Sydney and the lights were spectacular


  1. Justine, what a fascinating assortment of photos! I love the first one, of Rex and his rose, with its muted colors and negative space. Sad to see the storm damage.

  2. I love hearing about your life in Sydney! I did not know about the storms, so sorry to hear that. The light show looks spectacular!

  3. Wonderful tour around your lately :) Sad to hear about the damage from the storms.

  4. gorgeous photos! love the vivid shots.


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