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How are you feeling about the world of Instagram? I have decided that it is doing my head in, algorithms, who to follow, how fake it all is, how perfect etc etc, a daily dose of insecurities.  I want to go back to the old Instagram days when it was fun to follow people, to learn, and to be creative and be part of an online community.

To counteract these feelings I have started on another 365 project as over the years this is what I find keeps everything in perspective, the need to just go out and take pictures and post on Flickr but not care if 20 people like my photos or if no one does. I use Flickr because its nice and easy, you don't feel that anyone is judging you, it's a great storage solution and somewhere to look back on and see what your photos were of 5 years ago etc. The simple act of taking a walk with my camera, really noticing light and shadows and sitting for a while until somethings comes into view, this is what photography is to me, it has been overtaken lately by the need to whip out my iPhone for a quick shot that I can edit and put on Instagram in the hope that everyone likes it.

Enough ranting, do let me know your thoughts on it all, am I being too oversensitive? over thinking? I seem to have been taking a lot of shots of animals and birds in the last couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to go to Brisbane with my husband and whilst he worked, I played tourist and did a guided city tour and went to the local koala and bird park and it was so lovely to take the time to enjoy everything I saw and then here where I live we are lucky to have water dragons and cormorants and I have never really taken the time to sit and watch them but from now on, its all about the slowing down and seeing what comes into view.


  1. I feel the same way about Instagram and Flickr and 365 projects. Unfortunately, nothing ever stays the same. Everybody talks about community on IG, but I have yet to find it. I still have better luck on FB, not that that doesn't have it own problems...
    I use Flickr for the exact reasons; great, easy storage and don't really care if people like my photos or not, they are for me. Love that owl, such amazing faces.

  2. Your photos are a testament to life, Justine... Nice shots...

  3. Been quite a while since you last posted... Everything okay?

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