Ten Things

 Five things for July

What I am reading -

I have just finished this book - the whalebone theatre by Joanna Quin

It was so good, I cried so much at the end, I loved it and it is currently my favourite book of 2022.

What I am listening to -

Podcasts, I struggle with podcasts, how about you? they are fine until someone talks to someone on a bad phone connection or you keep having to change the volume. I do like listening to this one in the car when we have a long drive - the Rachman Review on the FT

What I am watching

I didn't really understand the first episode but now I am hooked - The undeclared war 

What I am eating

boring covid has mucked up my taste buds and all I crave is leek and potato soup. Delia has a fantastic recipe 

What I am photographing

I am still doing a 365, have done one for nearly ten years now and it's just instinctive, I just go out and take a photo a day. When the year ends I say I have had enough but a couple of months pass and I am back to doing another one. I currently have my 365 on lightroom and here is the link if you fancy a look

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