Monday morning

 Having spent the last month blogging, I now find that I want to keep going. I think it's because instagram seems such hard work now and the world is still so topsy turvy, it's nice to go back to the old things and remember what we all used to love. 

 I thought I would tell you what I am enjoying and doing at the moment. 

I have just started reading Hernan Diaz - trust - I am really enjoying it so far. I have struggled to read lately as everything seems so grim, as if authors have been stuck in a miserable lockdown world and can only write about three generations of misery. I picked this up on Saturday and read most of yesterday as it's set in the 1920s and very interesting. 

We watched Operation Mincemeat last night and really enjoyed it, an all star cast with Colin Firth and a lot of people that make you say to each other "isn't that... from..." but you can never remember their names. It is a true wartime story.

I have been making marmalade. It's seville orange time here and we made 6 jars last night. The chopping of the orange rind is so soothing and the kitchen smells amazing during the process.

My snowdrops are out in the garden and a few daffodils and you can sense that spring isn't too far away thank goodness.

What have you been up to lately?

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