Five things for Friday

 Another week has whizzed by. I recently spent time with my grown up daughter who suggests that I follow her example and live for the moment, stop worrying about the future and what might be. I have tried to catch myself when I think I am going down a rabbit hole of worry with all that's in the papers etc and it's working some of the time but it is hard and there is also such a carefree attitude from a generation that wants the government to fix things so it's easier for them to live in the now. Anyway, it's a work in progress. Does anyone else feel they are doing well living in the moment? any tips? 

This was an interesting article on how everyone under 65 is suffering some form of anxiety.

I do like to get lost in books and tv shows when my brain goes into overload and I am currently enjoying the new Kate Atkinson - shrinres of gaiety

I am loving bad sisters on apple tv. It's just such a good show, great cast, location, storyline.

My new favourite instagram account is scout and bird they post such great instastories which always include Brad Pitt (and if you didn't already know, Brad Pitt and Nick Cave are now sculptors......) I also just won the most fabulous cushion in their instagram competition and I just absolutely love it. (Picture soon)

Finally, I continue with my photo a day and I am up to 242 days so here are some pictures from the last few days around Bondi and Watsons bay.

watsons bay
Watsons bay
Bondi beach
Bondi beach

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  1. Awesome photos- we're loving bad sisters too!
    Looking forward to catching up :)


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