Italy Fellini style

Whilst I was sitting at a cafe on the beach in Sardinia I watched this man roll then smoke his cigarette, I know it's not now politically correct but he was enjoying the art and the act, and I found myself transfixed.

I thought he looked so interesting and really wanted to take more pictures of him but wasn't brave enough to speak to him.


  1. fabulous face--fabulous photos. I am never brave enough to ask either.

  2. These photos came out fabulous anyway! (I don't have the confidence to approach strangers yet either :))

  3. I have the same problem... *sigh*
    These are EXCELLENT!! ;D
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment for me! I'm now following your photographic journey! ;D

  4. Hi Justine, I just wanted to pop-back in to quickly mention Paris. I haven't been in tooo long, but I confess I've a *very* soft spot for the Rodin Museum (something tactically satisfying about seeing his sculptures up close, and it's peaceful there. :)) and, of course, the Musee D'Orsay. Outside of that, I do enjoy a chocolate croissant and don't have the names/streets anymore, but there are lovely tiny bakeries on the way up Montmatre. (And this isn't really a destination, but I secretly love the shops stocking journals, pens/pencils, art/school supplies, esp. near the Sorbonne, and try to stock up on blank journals when there, esp. the Clairefontaine journals, which have limited selection in the States :)).

    Gosh, sorry for the looong post!

  5. What an interesting face he has. I want to get past the fear of asking people if I can take their photo too, I don't know why we all fear it, very few people actually say no when I get up the courage to ask.

  6. Dear Justine,

    This man is, like, the epitome of cool. It seems like all the Italians are.

    Your photography is sooooo beautiful. The macro picture of the fly and the faded lady bug - just wonderful. Then, there's that title banner shot of the shortbread that ALWAYS gets an emotional reaction from me when I visit. WOW! yum. ahhhhh!

    Thank you super much for your comments in the sunny spot - they are just tremendously encouraging.

    Love, Katy Noelle

  7. Justine,

    These photos are amazing, and I am so loving the Italian comments, because I AM ITALIAN!! Through and through!!!!

    I know what you mean about approaching someone for a picture. I cannot bring myself to do it, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to. Posting a picture now to Flickr that I had to kind of sneak to take (Italian Festival in Boston). The first one did not turn out so good, but then he saw me, and posed. You won't question which one it is when you see it!

  8. i like all your shots of makes me wonder what their stories are.

    i have a little powershot for those sorts of sandy...wet....or dirty situations.

    not a bad little guy to have around, eh?

  9. I love your Italian photos - really looks like you have captured a bygone era! Love the use of black and white, really seems to emphasise the lines and contrast.
    I wonder what this man's story is?

  10. Great observation and a marvelous photo of him. Thanks for the visit, sorry I came late.

  11. I wish I was brave enough to ask for photos of strangers too. Great photos.

    x Jasmine


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