Italy Fellini style

I decided not to take my canon 7d on holiday as it was a beach holiday and I knew it would get covered in sand so I bought a canon powershot which has a manual feature. I thought I would try and capture the Italians in the style of the 60's and the days of Fellini and Sophia Loren etc.

I loved these two men ordering espresso at the bar, they could be straight out of the 60's - no boardshorts for them.

I find the Italians very glamorous and self assured, much more so than the British and they were oblivious to my camera.


  1. These photos look as if they were taken in another time. I wouldn't have taken my big camera either.

  2. The shots work very well in back and white - very retro looking.

    Whether to take my big camera on hols is always up for debate with me. I have a little Canon G9 as an alternative but I must admit that I haven't yet ventured out in the wider world with that and that alone!

  3. Very cool shots, Justine! Reminds me of my trip to Barcelona. Those Europeans really know how to just "be."

  4. These are very vintage. I love them!

    x Jasmine

  5. Amazing photos, they really give that special black and white vintage feeling!
    Thank you for the inspiration :)

  6. I Like these photos. Especially the second one.
    Thanks for visiting me. :0)


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