To market, to market

I do love Bondi markets on a Saturday morning, so much colour and food and wonderful aromas. I walk around thinking how I should eat more seeds, vegetables, drink chai, do you drink chai? I had chai porridge the other day which was so good.
 lots of delicious food to taste
 There is a chai tent too

 They even have a dog park
 Freshly squeezed lemonade

 Fresh noodles
The flowers I bought


  1. I would definitely be hanging out in the Chai Tent, sounds yummy!

  2. Such lovely photos and yes! I would love that Saturday morning market, too. Chai is okay; prefer real tea.

  3. Love the flowers, it's looking like spring!

  4. So mush to look at ans so colourful!

  5. Looks like a healthy place, love the flowers. Yes I love chai, not a fan of the real tea love the spices of chai so that is what I prefer.

  6. What a colorful place to visit! I can see why you would enjoy it. I'm not crazy about chai, though maybe I've just never had a really good one. Generally I prefer tea, though recently I've been drinking a lot of iced coffees.

  7. Great market shots, it looks so vibrant.


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