Time for a bit of film

I am enjoying getting back into using film lately. I just got a role developed and I had forgotten how much I enjoy the anticipation of seeing if the pictures came out and I love the fact that you can tell they are film and straight out of the camera. What about you? have you ever thought of using film? I used the same vase of poppies and as you can see from my previous post, digital versus film is so very different.


  1. Lovely film shots- I do particularly like those poppies x

  2. I love the poppies, too, and after comparing them to the digital version, I really do prefer this one. I still have my Nikon N8008, but haven't used it in many years. Frankly, I couldn't afford the expense of purchasing film and having it developed these days. If it weren't for digital, I probably wouldn't be doing photography anymore except perhaps for special occasions.


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