Ten on Ten

I have been meaning to do this project for ages, ten pictures on the tenth of the month,  and luckily Leanne reminded me so today I took pictures at various times and really enjoyed documenting my day.  I think this will be a good project to participate in over the next year, I am joining in here if you are interested in doing it too.

My day started with a long walk and a welcome surprise with a water dragon on the way.

Today was the perfect day for the beach

Home to do a spot of ironing
 Do a bit of faffing and time wasting on the computer
 Cat napping

A bit of gardening
Finally a delicious Goan prawn curry cooked by my husband Michael, a perfect end to a lovely day


  1. Hi there, miss hearing your lovely accent and seeing your pretty face. Your day looks like a perfect summer day. Nice to see your hubby,he looks oh so well. Take care your images of 10on10 are the spice of life.

  2. So glad you did it! It's a really. Great way to document the day isn't it? These photos are lovely & it's really nice to share in a bit of your day.

  3. A beautiful collection, Justine!

  4. Love these small snapshots of your life. Beautifully shot

  5. What a wonderful insight into your daily life. Great collection of photographs!


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