January was....

 A month of no meat. I highly recommend it to anyone to try, we still ate fish, lots of fish, and enjoyed some amazing vegetarian dishes. I really enjoyed cooking different things and experimenting and we both felt so much better for it. My new favourite salad is watermelon, feta, olives and red onion salad.

a month of summer fruit is hard to beat, especially delicious cherries now in season.
 a month of fitness, lots of walks including the beautiful Spit Bridge to Manly walk that takes about two and a half hours and gives you the most fantastic views.

a month of catchups with friends
a month of flowers, I so love flowers in the house and have been getting them once a week now
How was your January?


  1. Our January was cold, but amazingly almost snow free. Unheard of in these parts at this time of year! It sounds like you had a wonderful January, especially those walks. You love in such a beautiful place.

  2. As long as I could have fish,
    I should try this.
    Thanks for the prompt.

  3. Glad you found some words for your blog. Love your January round up- beautiful photos as always. Thanks for the day on Thursday- I love visiting your part of Sydney x

  4. I love seeing your summer while I am in the midst of winter, even though this year isn't bad at all, still no fresh veggies or fruit. Once for Lent a few years ago we went without meat. It was great, and we still ate fish as well.

  5. Such warmth in each photo. Love that watermelon salad, if you have a chance I would love to hear how it is made. January sounds perfect for you down under. Here I am enjoying the cool weather in Arizona as I know summer will be upon me before I want it. Oh and cherry season has to be my best time around June here.

  6. Watermelon and feta salad is a favorite of mine, too, though I'd never thought of adding onion and olives. I'm going to try that! Our winter has been very mild this year, especially compared to last year when it seemed it would never stop snowing, but I have to admit I'm looking forward to fresh summer produce.

  7. This sound like a wonderful January, Justine! Such lovely photos, too! I can't even tell how my January was- it somehow flew by and suddenly February was here... It's such a good idea to take a look back with photos!


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