Five things for Friday

Can you believe it's February? it just seems that everything is going by so fast now. Sydney is having such beautiful weather, very humid but lovely. I am trying to swim most days especially first thing after a run when I seem to get ridiculously hot and turn scarlet - must be an age thing!

I having been struggling with my reading lately. You know when you read a truly fantastic book, everything else just doesn't seem to be as good. Having finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck, I am flitting in and out of a book called Bournville by Jonathon Coe. It's an ok read spanning three generations in England. Luckily there are so many good books coming out in the next few months. 

I am waiting for all these things to appear on all the streaming channels so currently just watching films. We decided to focus on Brad Pitt and watched A river runs through it and Legends of the Fall. They are both beautiful films and Brad was so young in both of them and played the favoured child. Its fun to watch all the films according to an actor.

I am trying to focus on the positives - I am a glass half empty person and sometimes get completely caught up in my head. I read a nice post the other day where someone said that each time you think of something negative, you end it with 'but luckily' its a nice way to reframe things.

I am obsessed with my garden at the moment and love making flower arrangements. I just bought another vintage frog from scout and bird . They work so well in the bottom of a bowl and keep all the stems upright and behaving. I planted bare root roses last year in the winter and they are coming along so well, I took this picture last week and the smell of the roses is amazing.

The plums have just finished on our plum tree and I managed to pick enough to make plum chutney before the birds and wasps came. It was a recipe I found in Rick Stein's cookbook It is a little bit sweet but hopefully it will mellow in the next few weeks.


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