Happy 2015!

Oh my goodness I can't believe how quickly the last three weeks have gone, we had a wonderful time in England and have arrived back home to Sydney a bit jet lagged and jaded.
I thought I would start with a glimpse of Hong Kong for you. We began and ended our trip in Hong Kong, we had lived there for three years so it felt like catching up with an old friend, a few changes here and there but basically everything is as I remember.
My favourite place has always been the markets, so vibrant and colour and so much noise, smell and people going about their daily life. There is always a cat somewhere.
 Incense sticks on sale

 Noodles and food cooked while you wait

I don't know how anyone can sit on this bike.

I wasn't tempted to buy any meat of this fellow but he was doing a roaring trade.


  1. I love your Hong Kong pics.
    I'm sure you got the shopping out of your system.
    Welcome home.

  2. The vibrancy of your subjects bounce off the page. Lovely. And so glad you're safely back in your Sydney home.

  3. Happy 2015! Love these market shots, so colourful & vibrant. Great photos of people too.

  4. Fascinating shots of the colorful market! That bicycle piled high with luggage was amazing. Happy New Year and welcome back!

  5. I don't like to see my meat so Freshly displayed :) Glad you had a great time away.

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